BRIA Suggestion and Corporate Compliance Box

Suggestion and Corporate Compliance Box

This form is to be used by Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging staff to confidentially submit:

-Suggestions (comments, concerns, recommendations);

-Corporate compliance issues (suspected abuse, fraud, security breaches, employee rights, ethical violations, questionable activities or practices);

-Or select "Other" if you're unsure.

If you'd like a response from HR or management please check the box that indicates a follow up response is desired and include your contact information.

Please specify the subject of this entry
Please be as specific as possible in the above description. Include full names of people involved, events as they appeared to you and any actions you have taken.
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Every employee has an obligation to make a good faith report of any activity within the agency that appears to violate compliance policies, regulations or statutes. When an employee uses one of these options to make a good faith report of an apparent violation, there will be no retribution. The right of a whistleblower for protection against relatiation does not include immunity for any personal wrongdoing that is alleged and investigated. You may request responsive, non-confidential information resulting from your report by contacting your Corporate Compliance Officer or Vice President of HR. If you would like a copy of this confidential message, you must print this screen prior to submission.

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